• You get PAID to list by receiving a percentage of sells directly sent to the internal balance of the address that adds the pair containing your token to FEGex. You could use this extra money to fund marketing, development costs, and more for the betterment of your project.
  • There is only a 0.1% fee to buy into your project. And in fact there is a Gas Rebate program available on FEGex where users can earn the gas fees back! Some traders are even earning more money from the Gas Rebate than the actual cost of the gas fee! …

The GREATEST charting platform in the history of DeFi known as FEGcharts has been polished to perfection and is now live in its beta form! What an absolute pleasure it will be to now track all your favorite cryptocurrencies on the most VISUALLY STUNNING and technologically ADVANCED charts!

Check out FEGcharts here: FEGcharts

A Few Standout Features Of FEGcharts:

  • The entire platform of FEGcharts was in-house built meaning ONLY FEG devs worked on this polished masterpiece. We did not outsource anything. The backend AND frontend of FEGcharts was done ONLY by FEG devs.
  • FEGcharts provides a real time display of…

FEG Has Recently Delivered…

  • FEGstake — Stake FEG on FEGex.com to earn FEG, fBNB/fETH, fUSDT, and fBTC. Rewards automatically compound while they remain unclaimed.
  • FEGdeployer — Deploy any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token to FEGex and get paid for it!
  • Several key updates to FEGex including WalletConnect support, enhanced swap features, and the ability to earn rewards while contributing to Liquidity Pools.
  • ROX Token — The first SmartDeFi token. 100% of a SmartDeFi token’s liquidity is automatically locked forever, and they have an asset-backed baseline value that grows with every buy and sell.
  • FEG Whitepaper — A complete overview of our token, exchange, fWraps, SmartDeFi…

The future has arrived with the SmartDeFi Launch Pad!

IMAGINE launching or investing in a token that is rug proof and 100% asset backed!

Smart DeFi is a template for a new generation of DeFi projects, which makes it impossible to rug and unnecessary to use exchanges, such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap, for hosting liquidity. It allows all swap sites to fully integrate the trading of a token while using the token’s liquidity pool.

Anyone can deploy their own SmartDeFi token with FEGdeployer.

The FEG team has been working hard over the past few weeks to bring one of the most requested features to the FEG ecosystem. Today we’re ready to announce it formally. You will now be able to FEGex your fiat!

FEG has partnered with Guardarian to enable you to buy FEG token quickly and easily with a credit/debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay hosted directly on the FEGex interface.

This rollout of features will begin with fiat-to-FEG becoming available through the Guardarian website within 14–21 days, and this will be followed up by fiat-to-FEG embedded within the FEGex UI…

  1. The FEGeth side started operating on January 31, 2021, and the FEGbsc side on February 12, 2021.
  2. With each transaction, whether buying, selling or transferring, 2% of the FEG in the transaction is taxed. Just over 1% of it goes to the wallet of burned tokens and just under 1% is distributed between the holders. Depending on the amount of FEG the person holds, the amount of reward or so-called reflection will vary. FEG began designing and developing its own dedicated, decentralized exchange, FEGex. The exchange was designed to support sections such as Staking, fWrapping, SmartSwap, Liquidity Pools and Bridge…

Thank you to each one of you for being a part of the FEG community!

In the interest of continuing to showcase FEG and ramp up publicity, we are pleased to announce the FEG Whitepaper 1st Edition!

It is important that we share what we are all about with those who may be interested in learning more about FEG. People need to understand how we will transform and be the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

This is an exciting time for FEG, and our journey is only just beginning. We are all extremely fortunate to have landed in this community.

Your FEG Marketing team wants to provide you with an update on what is happening and an insight to our marketing plan, which, admittedly, we are still formulating and working to finalize.

Here are some updates that we can share with you:

📰 Press Releases and Ads — In the past two weeks, we have had two articles published on the well-known crypto news destination, AMBCrypto! Check them out!

🔗 https://ambcrypto.com/making-defi-mainstream-an-interview-with-fegex-marketing-manager-chris/

🔗 https://ambcrypto.com/re-designing-defis-structure-with-feg-token/

Our plan is to budget sufficient funds for promoting FEG on large crypto news sites and pay for real world advertisements and ad banners on high…

FEGex is coming soon. Do you have FEG yet?

One rule of crypto is investing into something that has a product. There is a bunch of deflationary coins that claim that the rewards are the product like HOGE, SAFEMOON, and even FEG. But FEG has a trick up it’s sleeve, FEGex and its coming soon!

Quick Information To Get You Up To Speed (DYOR)

  • FEG stands for “Feed Every Gorilla”
  • Partnered with the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
  • 100Q total supplies
  • Price is ridiculously low atm. 1 FEG = $0.000000000429 …

FEGex is not a UNIswap clone, it will be a very advanced multi chain swap protocol! It is custom built code to fix all of the issues UNI has with custom metric defi tokens while at the same time making improvements on all the existing features of uniswap. If you are sick of all the error messages when using UNI you will love FEGex.

FEGex will include the follow features:

-Ability to stake any token listed and earn ETH directly!

-AUTOslip technology: meaning you will no longer have to fumble around with learning how to set slippage.

-Frontrunning bot protection.

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)

Bringing DeFi Together! | FEG Exchange (FEGex): fegex.com | Start your journey to financial freedom through passive income! | fegtoken.com

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