What Is The Meaning Of The Google Of DeFi?

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
3 min readNov 1, 2021


This past week, with the announcement of the USCT decentralized stable token, the FEG Ecosystem has taken a big step towards completing a self-sufficient chain in the field of cryptocurrencies and the world of DeFi. Traders will soon be willing to convert their stable tokens to USCT. When asked whether USCT would be more stable than USDT, lead dev FEGrox said, “Yes, almost infinitely so. Since all other stables are based with 100 cents as their denominational peg and have 6 decimals they are faulty. You have to have the base unit of the currency as your lowest unit. You don’t start counting from 100 you start from 1. USCT has zero(0) decimals, is the lowest unit in its system and cannot be split, in turn making it impossible to ever move even 1 trillionth of a fraction.”

Just imagine how far FEG will reach by preparing other features and characteristics of its Ecosystem. To date, the cases related to FEG holders in the staking sector, liquidity pools, fwrapping, Smart tools, and Smartlend have been largely resolved and the platforms are ready to be further serviced through the dedicated FEG exchange.

Recently, FEG Deployer and FEG Presale were designed and implemented to meet the needs of developers of other projects. The first FEG presale was a major success and its hard-cap of 700 BNB was met in less than 5 seconds!

Yesterday, FEG on the Binance Smart Chain ALONE passed 750,000 holders! FEG is also on the Ethereum Blockchain and will soon be expanding to 3 new blockchains (Avalanche, FTM, Polygon). Those 5 blockchains will only be the beginning of the FEG expansion. No new FEG tokens will be minted when expanding to new blockchains. FEG will move tokens to different chains with the release of its groundbreaking bridge tech.

Undoubtedly, one day the crypto world will be divided into the before and after the FEG Ecosystem… The day when Passive Income profit secured the holders, the day when many SmartDeFi tokens were created and listed and all rugs were abolished. With the soon to be fully released SmartDeFi tech, developers are now looking forward to deploy stable, decentralized asset backing tokens that offer interest-free loans. SmartDeFi even in its earliest stages has already shown explosive potential with ROX… the first SmartDeFi token only available on fegex.com already jumping to a 30 million dollar market cap for a second time in less than 2 months after its release. ROX is now the second most valuable token per token in all of crypto behind BTC.

Our developers have put all the pieces of the puzzle together correctly; these pieces together will make us the Google of DeFi.

Let’s look a little further! A storm is on its way!

And still, we(the community) do not know much about the Ecosystem because it is less than 30% developed.

-FEG Team

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