Overview Of The FEG Ecosystem And A Look At Our Truly Free Lending Protocol, SmartLend

First off if you are new, welcome to the FEG (Feed-Every-Gorilla) ecosystem! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Begin your journey by visiting FEGtoken.com and reading our whitepaper. It’s packed with information about our token(s) and technology: FEGtoken.com/FEG_Whitepaper.pdf

Your next stop should be to visit FEGex.com, our very own multi-chain DEX, built from the ground up to include swaps, risk-free staking, liquidity pool rewards, and fWraps. FEGex also pays you to trade… no we’re not joking! You will receive gas rebates — sometimes 4x the amount of gas you paid!

Very soon FEGex will be integrated into one of the major DEX aggregators and FEGex data will be available to the masses via sites like CMC and CG. Anything UNI and CAKE can do, we can do better. Also in the works are a fiat on-ramp and expansion on to three new blockchains; Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche.

While you’re there, why not pick up some FEGtoken, the FEGex governance token, and stake it. Staking is free from nasty things like impermanent loss and your rewards are paid in wrapped BNB, ETH, USDT, and soon BTC. Can we also interest you in some ROX, the very first SmartDeFi token? SmartDeFi tokens have their liquidity locked away inside the token contract, forever! They also have asset backing, meaning their underpinning baseline value can only increase and never go down. Find out more at fegrox.com.

One of the great things about FEGex.com is that every trading pair has an fWrap as it’s base token. What the what?! fWraps allow you to wrap any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token and start earning more of that token. All you need to do is wrap and hold them in your wallet to earn hundreds of times more APY than a traditional savings account. We even have fWrap stablecoins. How cool is that? The best bit is this, though… because all trading pairs on FEGex and SmartDeFi tokens all make use of fWrap base tokens like fBNB, fETH, and fUSDT, every single buy or sell is distributing rewards to you as an fWrap holder. More volume through FEGex and SmartDeFi = more fWrap rewards. More volume also means more FEG staking rewards. Woah. 🤯

SmartDeFi also features a groundbreaking SmartLend feature that will soon allow you to borrow tokens interest free. Why? Because we believe it’s time traditional banking threw the towel in. You provide the collateral, SmartDeFi provides the tokens, and when it’s time for you pay back the original amount, you receive your collateral in return. That’s it. Wait, did we forget to mention that SmartDeFi tokens host their own trading?! You will soon be able to trade SmartDeFi tokens using a widget on any website. That’s having your CAKE and eating it. Safe, fair, and easy DeFi banking for the masses.

So we’ve nailed the DEX, the great rewards systems, and made DeFi safe, fair, and easy to use… what else do you need? Well, you need beautiful tools that allow you to watch your rewards grow and your token values appreciate, right? Enter charts.FEGex.com, with Tradingview charts integration and real-time data feeds from FEGex and SmartDeFi. Jump easily between a chart on FEGcharts and a trading pair on FEGex at the click of a button.

Another great tool for tracking your investments is FEGstats.com. Paste in your public wallet address and away you go. While you’re there you can track your passive income from all of the various rewards streams FEG has to offer, see the FEG and ROX token burn, and do a little dance at the sight of ROX’s baseline value going up, up, up.

DYOR done ✅. Keep in mind the FEG ecosystem is less than 30% developed! FEG has so many more unbelievable innovations still to come! Investing in FEG is investing in the future of DeFi.

Buy FEG BSC: fegex.com/trade/bsc/0x818E2013dD7D9bf4547AaabF6B617c1262578bc7

Buy FEG ETH: fegex.com/trade/eth/0xf2bda964ec2D2fcB1610c886eD4831bf58f64948

Buy ROX BSC: fegex.com/trade/bsc/0xa3D522c151aD654b36BDFe7a69D0c405193A22F9

Buy ROX ETH: fegex.com/trade/eth/0x378c77C5379cA07BBB5B3506c08a1C769dEC91c2









Invite your favorite projects to launch a presale or list on FEGex for free at FEGdeployer.com! Yes, we offer presales too.

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