Multi-Chain Assets And FEGex

Let’s go into more detail on what multichain assets are and how they operate, more specifically how they are planned to operate in terms of benefiting our system.

The greatest benefit of multichain assets is the ability to maximize the potential size and scope of a project, this happens on many levels.

First you have to understand that each blockchain in crypto is technically its own solar system, they are still young and currently do not have interoperability. They require traders and markets to level out the values of multi assets even on the same chain. For example see the price of BTC ($47,048) and wBTC($47.057) at the time of writing this post, they are the same asset but run on different chains. They stay close because when they separate they entice arbitrage opportunities, the same will happen with our system.

FEG on ETH and FEG on BSC are 2 different assets but are over all 1 in the same, because they work towards the same goal. On our system we will work to help bring bridging between the assets so its easier to perform arbitrage between the chains, increasing our volume and closing the gap between the prices.

FEGex aims to be the driving factor in building a holy union between 2 chains that will overall have positive impact on our ability to see maximized growth potential. Of course developing a easy to operate multichain system take time and efforts. But it’s not impossible!

The end goal for FEG is to have FEGex, a staple in the space and to have that happen we have to be able to offer full scope on both chains. We know that for some, the vision is hard to see but we have been in this space for a very long time and we know what it takes to make the biggest impact. We are doing what is needed to accomplish this task! The end goal is the only thing you should be focusing on, I can guarantee its the only thing I am focusing on!

-Straight from FEGrox

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