How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Without Writing A Single Line Of Code

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5 min readMar 28, 2022


With the advent of the safest form of decentralized finance, SmartDeFi, it is now easier than ever to create your own cryptocurrency. SmartDeFi allows anyone to safely deploy a crypto token on the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain blockchain in sheer minutes with a few clicks. Every token deployed using SmartDeFi is asset backed, has its liquidity locked, and has the ability to lend completely interest free. To get started, go to, connect your crypto wallet, and follow the steps below to successfully create and deploy your token today!

Step 1: Go to the SMARTDEFI TOKEN tab on the menu

Step 2: Write the symbol for your token and the supply that you want

Step 3: Choose the percentage of each transaction that is redistributed to holders

Step 4: Pick the transaction tax distributing funds to the backing asset pool

Step 5: Choose the transaction tax for smart rising price floor

Step 6: Click the CREATE button to make your token

You will now get a transaction confirmation window from your wallet asking you to pay for the creation of this new token. The amount should be around 0.025 BNB. Once you confirm the transaction and it completes, your token will be created and moved into your wallet.

Step 7: Approve the tokens for liquidity to be set

Click both buttons to approve for use the token you created and the token with which it will be paired (fBNB/fETH). Next, wait for the transactions to execute successfully, at which point the buttons should auto-update and change into a slider which allows you to choose the backing amount.

Step 8: Add fBNB or fETH for liquidity

Type in the amount of liquidity you’d like to add for your trading pair. The more you add, the better, because the more liquidity your token has, the higher the buy and sell amounts can be from people who’d like to trade your token. REMINDER — once liquidity is added to a SmartDeFi token, it can never be retrieved.

Step 9: Allocate backing from your liquidity

Pick how much from the liquidity you’re adding will go towards the asset backing once the token launches. Recommended is 50%.

Step 10: Pick how much of your token goes to liquidity

Now it’s time for you to choose how much of your total token supply goes towards your liquidity. You can put your entire supply, or you can put a lower number, and thus leave some tokens in your own wallet to use later on for marketing or whatever other purposes you choose.

Step 11: Click “deploy swap” button

Click the button and wait for the contract execution. Once done, the page will auto-refresh and the button will disappear.

Step 12: Once deployed, go into the settings for the pair

Step 13: Adjust max buy ratio and smart rising price floor

After you click the settings icon, scroll down on the same page and you’ll see some new options like in the picture above. “Max buy” allows you to set how much of the liquidity one person can buy in one single transaction. Like in the example it was picked to be 3.7%. Note that this limit is hardcoded to not go lower than 2BNB overall. “Smart rising price floor” lets you pick the percentage of fBNB/fETH of each trade that goes back into liquidity in order to slowly increase the LP and thus raise the price over time. Once you’re happy with your settings, you need to click the red “save” icons on the right of each option and confirm the transaction for each.

Step 14: Limit buys per wallet

At the bottom you can see there is an option called “One minute buy interval”, this practically stops any one person from buying too often and thus prevents them from buying too much of the supply in a few seconds at the launch of the token before another person even gets a chance to refresh their page. It’s a nice setting to have activated, but you can choose to deactivate if you so desire at any time down the road.

Step 15: Activate the swap and behold the wonder

Once you’re happy with all your settings, you can click the “activate swap” button and confirm the transaction. Once the transaction executes successfully, that’s it, your token is now up and running and in a few minutes will show up on the decentralized exchange, FEGex, and be ready for trading! You can also attach a customized trading widget to any website for your new token and trade the token directly on the website of your choice.

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