Fiat On FEGex

The FEG team has been working hard over the past few weeks to bring one of the most requested features to the FEG ecosystem. Today we’re ready to announce it formally. You will now be able to FEGex your fiat!

FEG has partnered with Guardarian to enable you to buy FEG token quickly and easily with a credit/debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay hosted directly on the FEGex interface.

This rollout of features will begin with fiat-to-FEG becoming available through the Guardarian website within 14–21 days, and this will be followed up by fiat-to-FEG embedded within the FEGex UI a few weeks later.

This is a huge moment for the project, as it will reduce barriers to entry and make the experience of onboarding new investors into our ecosystem so much easier for the average person. We at FEG can not wait to experience the drastic benefits the fiat on ramp will bring to the FEG ecosystem!

Keep your eyes peeled for a further ecosystem update which we will be posting soon!

Find out more about our new partner at:



- Your FEG Team



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