FEGtoken.com — Refreshed


🎉 Website Update — FEGtoken.com 🎉

We are happy to announce that our website has been refreshed to include the latest information that you need to know about the upcoming changes to our FEG ecosystem.

✨ Here’s what’s new on FEGtoken.com:

📌 Direct links to buy $FEG on PancakeSwap and Uniswap

📌 Details about From The Wallet (FTW)

📌 Details about the custom-built Aggregator

📌 Details about the upcoming hybrid token — combining the features the community loves about FEG & ROX

📌 Details on the updated version of SmartDeFi

📌 A suite of tools and resources to help navigate the ecosystem

📌 Partnerships information

Note: This is NOT the final post-migration website! The new hybrid token will have a custom-built and intuitive website, which is currently under development.

As always, we appreciate your love and support. 💪❤️🦍

The FEG Team