FEGex is not a UNIswap clone, it will be a very advanced multi chain swap protocol! It is custom built code to fix all of the issues UNI has with custom metric defi tokens while at the same time making improvements on all the existing features of uniswap. If you are sick of all the error messages when using UNI you will love FEGex.

FEGex will include the follow features:

-Ability to stake any token listed and earn ETH directly!

-AUTOslip technology: meaning you will no longer have to fumble around with learning how to set slippage.

-Frontrunning bot protection.

-Auto Dump Technology — all pairs will have the ability to program circuit breakers that can temporarily give sell limits to stabilize trading. For example if the price dropped 10% in 1 minute you could give a 5 ETH max sell which would limit the next 20 sells.

-Smart Liquidity options — ability to add/remove 1 sided LP to help easily aid impermanent loss or provide easy price rebalancing.

-Built in liquidity locking option, this eliminates the need for you to search all around for where the liquidity is locked.

-The ability to launch multi asset pools with weighted proportions, which will all have the ability to cross trade; this feature is a balancer for defi on steroids.

-More options are also being worked on to further improve the platform!

The base code of FEGex is already being tested as we speak!

More information on it will come out soon!

Check out https://fegtoken.com to see where we are headed as a community!

Buy FEG on FEGex at fegex.com

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