Revolutionizing Charts With FEGcharts

The GREATEST charting platform in the history of DeFi known as FEGcharts has been polished to perfection and is now live in its beta form! What an absolute pleasure it will be to now track all your favorite cryptocurrencies on the most VISUALLY STUNNING and technologically ADVANCED charts!

Check out FEGcharts here: FEGcharts

A Few Standout Features Of FEGcharts:

  • The entire platform of FEGcharts was in-house built meaning ONLY FEG devs worked on this polished masterpiece. We did not outsource anything. The backend AND frontend of FEGcharts was done ONLY by FEG devs.
  • FEGcharts provides a real time display of data with record precision and maximum visual appeal for EVERY token listed on FEGex.
  • Data from FEGcharts can be used to provide information to data tracking platforms like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and many others.
  • The charting data and the charts themselves can be found on FEGex to showcase live trading while offering users a truly mesmerizing and never before seen experience on a DEX.
  • FEGcharts will positively promote the FEG ecosystem and drive massive volume to FEGex.
  • FEGcharts uses the most well known and well respected charting software, Trading View, providing users with an array of advanced tools including all those that Trading View already offers.

Keep in mind this is only the beta version of FEGcharts. Don’t let that fool you though because even in its beta, FEGcharts is truly exceptional. FEGcharts will soon be what all other prestigious charting platforms are compared against. We at FEG take pride in how much innovation we can deliver to DeFi and we would love for you to join us and buy FEG at We believe the FEG ecosystem will pave the way for the future of DeFi and FEGcharts is just one more piece being added to the puzzle helping us do just that.

Check out FEGcharts here: FEGcharts


- Your FEG Team



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