FEG Update — 25/07/2022

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
3 min readJul 25, 2022


The latest update from the FEG team.

✅PLEASE REVIEW the FEG Gitbook for information about migration & plans to move forward:

🔥 http://docs.fegtoken.com 🔥

✅We will be Migrating & Merging FEG & ROX into a new Hybrid token.

🚨Migration has NOT begun, we are still a couple of months away!
🚨DO NOT fall for fake token Migrations apps, TG groups, websites, and ONLY use the official link given in the announcements or on FEGtoken.com
🚨PRIOR TO THE MIGRATION and an announcement made to the community with a date, time, and countdown.
🚨The Migrator will recognize V1 and V2 staked tokens (no need to unstake to migrate), FEG SmartSwap holdings, and of course FEGtokens held within your wallet!
🚨The Migration Tool will account for the 2% tax of FEG so you WILL NOT LOSE 2% and a 1:1% ownership distribution will be given. There will be a small blockchain fee to transfer tokens in/out of the migrator for FEGtoken holders. ROX token holders will be airdropped due to them being SD and the amount will be based on the Market Cap of ROX pre-exploit and FEG at the time of Migration.

✳️Important Notes✳️

✅Regular trading of FEGtoken on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Gate.io, & a number of other CEX’s is still live and will be until the time of Migration, when the liquidity will be moved to back the new Hybrid token.

✅Note that if you have provided liquidity on Uni or PCS for FEGtoken, that liquidity will still be traded against unless you remove it.

❇️New Updates!❇️

✅🔥FEGtoken.com is undergoing maintenance as we are updating the official site to reflect the coming changes to the ecosystem and will be out by the end of this week!

-Note that this update is only to reflect the upcoming changes to the ecosystem and will not be the final site post-migration

✅🔥@FEGrox and the front end DEV’s are making progress on the tracking token swap tool contract and User Interface (UI).

-More information will be released on this once completed (built and testing currently).

✅🔥The SmartDeFi 2.0 Contract and Deployer are under development and about 90% complete!

✅🔥@FEGrox has made a great deal of progress with the new security aspect of the contract. After development there will then be an estimated 4–6 week time frame for a 3rd party audit to be completed (audit company yet to be decided).

✅🔥The UI for FTW has been built and the contract is being tested and tweaked by the DEV team!

✅🔥We have developed a per transaction tax for FTW, this means FTW will not be limited to a subscription model!

✅🔥Our custom built Aggregator is functional, undergoing testing and development!

❇️Previous & Still Relevant Updates❇️

✅The Roadmap has been released!

✅The new and improved version of FEGtrack is now available to the public!

🔥Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fegtrack&hl=en&gl=US

🔥Apple Apps: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fegtrack/id1556344859

✅The Team is currently running through professional creativity exercises for the name and logo design prior to bringing it to the community.

✅You may use beta.FEGex.com to see the prices & charts of FEG which are currently being pulled from Uniswap (ETH) & PancakeSwap (BSC).

✅Moving forward there will be a reduction in total supply (not finalized yet but between 1B, 10B, & 100B), users will be given the same % of ownership that they currently hold.

✳️SmartDeFi 2.0✳️

✳️SD Tokens will be tradeable on any CEX or DEX!

✳️Along with NEW security against flash loans you’ll find the following functions:

✅SD tokens will be able to pair against ANY TOKEN!
✅RFI or Non-RFI token
✅Growth fund taxes (Marketing/DEV)
✅Asset-backing (In the token you are paired against)
✅Liquidity locking

@FEGrox has several more EXCITING ideas for functions in the code, giving options to emerging projects in the space!

✳️More will be shared as they are coded!

✳️Once the contract is complete, it’ll go through extensive testing and 3rd party Audit!

✅We appreciate your love and support!