FEG Update — 19th July 2022

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
3 min readJul 19, 2022


The latest update from RTRcrypto and the FEG project team:

✅PLEASE REVIEW the FEG Gitbook for information about migration & plans to move forward:

✅We will be Migrating & Merging FEG & ROX into a new Hybrid token.

🚨Migration has NOT begun, we are still a couple of months away!

🚨DO NOT fall for fake token Migrations apps, TG groups, websites, etc.

🚨When migration is ready, ONLY use the official link given in the announcements or on FEGtoken.com

🚨PRIOR TO THE MIGRATION and an announcement made to the community with a date, time, and countdown.

🚨The Migrator will recognize V1 and V2 staked tokens (no need to unstake to migrate), FEG SmartSwap holdings, and of course FEGtokens held within your wallet!

🚨The Migration Tool will account for the 2% tax of FEG so you WILL NOT LOSE 2% and a 1:1% ownership distribution will be given. There will be a small blockchain fee to transfer tokens in/out of the migrator for FEGtoken holders, ROX token holders will be airdropped due to them being SD.

✳️Important Notes✳️

✅Regular trading of FEGtoken on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Gate.io, & a number of other CEX’s is still live and will be until the time of Migration, when the liquidity will be moved to back the new Hybrid token.

✅️Note that if you have provided liquidity on Uni or PCS for FEGtoken, that liquidity will still be traded against unless you remove it.

❇️New Updates!❇️

✅FEGtoken.com is undergoing maintenance as we are updating the official site to reflect the coming changes to the ecosystem.

✅@FEGrox is working on a swap tool for the tracking tokens from staking rewards, more information will be released on this once completed (built and testing currently).

✅The SmartDeFi 2.0 Contract and Deployer are under development and about 80% complete!

✅️@FEGrox has made a great deal of progress with the new security aspect of the contract. After development there will then be an estimated 4–6 week time frame for a 3rd party audit to be completed (audit company yet to be decided).

✅️The UI for FTW has been built and the contract is being tested and tweaked by the DEV team!

✅️We have developed a per transaction tax for FTW, this means FTW will not be limited to a subscription model.

✅️Our custom built Aggregator is functional, undergoing testing and still needs some development!

❇️Previous & Still Relevant Updates❇️

✅The Roadmap has been released!

✅The new and improved version of FEGtrack is now available to the public!

🔥Google Play

🔥Apple Apps

✅The Team is currently running through professional creativity exercises for the name and logo design prior to bringing it to the community.

✅You may use beta.FEGex.com to see the prices & charts of FEG which are currently being pulled from Uniswap (ETH) & PancakeSwap (BSC).

✅Moving forward there will be a reduction in total supply (not finalized yet but between 1B, 10B, & 100B), users will be given the same % of ownership that they currently hold.

✳️SmartDeFi 2.0✳️

✳️SD Tokens will be tradeable on any CEX or DEX!

✳️Along with NEW security against flash loans you’ll find the following functions:

✅️SD tokens will be able to pair against ANY TOKEN!

✅️RFI or Non-RFI token

✅️Growth fund taxes (Marketing/DEV)


✅️Asset-backing (In the token you are paired against)


✅️Liquidity locking

✅️@FEGrox has several more EXCITING ideas for functions in the code, giving options to emerging projects in the space!

✳️More will be shared as they are coded!

✳️Once the contract is complete, it’ll go through extensive testing and 3rd party Audit!

✅️We appreciate your love and support!