FEG Town Hall 19/08 — All the updates

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
3 min readAug 18, 2022

Below are the updates shared by @RTRcrypto on the live Twitter spaces tonight, some input from @FrankieB was also shared around CEXs and more — Live recording here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqJDqZRdMOxV?s=20

🎉Here you see the Tracking Token Swap!🎉

This tool will be used to swap the tracking tokens received from staking on the BSC side!

🎉Here you can see the Custom Aggregator!🎉

Note how simple it is to search by name or pasting a contract address!

The DEX options will be presented showing you the best price!

🎉”From The Wallet” or “FTW” Limit-Order trading🎉

FTW allows the user to trade directly from their wallet to another users and vice versa.

This platform is fully Decentralized as the user maintains possession of their Cryptocurrency or NFT throughout the entire process!

This is the apex of P2P (peer-to-peer) trading in the Cryptocurrency & NFT space, trading in an absolute secure way without giving control over your assets to another!

🎉SmartDeFi Deployer UI🎉

As you can see we’ve heavily focused on bringing both SIMPLICITY and OPTIONS to the creation of SmartDeFi projects!

Don’t forget that the SmartDeFi contract and Deployer will be 3rd party audited!

…This means that any project launching will already be audited!

✅Start things the right way, the SmartDeFi way!✅

Further SmartDeFi update:

✳️SD Tokens will be tradeable on any CEX or DEX!

✅🔥Note that when you launch your SD token on Either BSC or ETH you will have the option to deploy on 2 DEX’s!

-Uniswap & TBD

-PancakeSwap & TBD

✳️Along with NEW security against flash loans you’ll find the following functions:

✅🔥SD tokens will be able to pair against ANY TOKEN!

✅Choose either RFI or Non-RFI token

✅Growth fund taxes (Marketing/DEV)


✅Asset-backing (In the token you are paired against)


✅Liquidity locking (any time-frame)

✅@FEGrox has several more EXCITING ideas for functions in the code, giving options to emerging projects in the space!

✳️More will be shared as they are coded!

✳️Once the contract is complete, it’ll go through extensive testing and 3rd party Audit!

Updates will continue to be visible on docs.fegtoken.com

Thank you