FEG Releasing It’s First NFT

Hello #FegFam ! We would like to announce our first “single edition” FEG #NFT! Bidding will start at 1 ETH and will go for 28 days. All proceeds will go to developing the $FEG ecosystem!

Check out the NFT for bid at:

Also a little information on NFTs themselves if you are unfamiliar with them:

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They are unique, digital, cryptographic tokens that are noninterchangeable and irreplicable. Their lack of interchangeability and zero-duplicate potential are some of there most beneficial aspects because that means they are ultra rare. Each and every new NFT is different than that of the last one created. It would be useless to copycat an NFT and claim it as your own because their ownership data can be found on the blockchain it was created on thus making it very easy to authenticate and verify an official NFT. NFTs are highly profitable with over $174 million already being spent on them since late 2017. NFTs are commonly found in digital representations of online trading cards used on many sports trading card websites as well as are heavily prevalent in the development of unique skins for characters of video games(Fortnite is probably the one that comes to mind). Don’t sleep on the potential for these wonderful creations. Again, please take a look at the bid for our latest NFT to help support FEG token and it’s determined team.

FEG was launched fair to Feed Every Gorilla. The first fork to combine the powers of SHIB & RFI, with a super deflationary black hole that holds over 54% of FEG

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