FEG Project Update — 30.12.22

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
2 min readDec 30, 2022


✅🔥 Denotes NEW/Updated information!

🎉❇️Audit Updates!❇️🎉

✅️🔥The SmartDeFi Contract Audit by PeckShield has been successfully ongoing since December 5th! @FEGrox & @FEGBalGu have been working non-stop with them to make all recommended code changes; meanwhile, our team has done non-stop testing with every update to the code to make sure these changes have not broken any previous functionality.

✅️🔥Currently the DEV team is working several options for MEV bot attack prevention. Once integrated, we will test this safety feature which will protect FEG & all future SmartDeFi project investors!

✅🔥As the Staking Contract will not be ready until after migration, the 2% Tax allocation will be split between Asset-Backing & LP injection until it is completed.

✅🔥With a current emphasis on SmartDeFi auditing/testing & a coming focus on Staking/Presale integration we will push FTW & the Aggregator on the Roadmap tentatively to the latter part of Q1 or early Q2.

🎉✳️Important Notes!✳️🎉

✅FEG has worked on a tentative vesting strategy for ROX token integration as we can generate the liquidity to sustain merging the two projects.

✅FEGtrack Re-Branding is complete and is now available in both the Google & Apple app stores!

✅Take a listen here https://t.me/FEGchat/5411433 to the recent AMA with Travladd about all things DeFi & how FEG is working to improve the DeFi space!

✅Regular trading of FEGtoken on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Gate.io, & several other CEXs is live and will be until migration!

✅We will be Migrating & Merging FEG & ROX into a new Hybrid token!

✅The total Circulating Supply will be 100b for each chain: FEGeth & FEGbsc.

✅Post-Migration: The commonality of the entire ecosystem is that it will revolve around the New Token (Merged FEG + R0X) & provide several passive income streams earned by staking it!

✅FEG remains on the DID upvoting system, so we encourage EVERYONE TO VOTE every 2 hours. We will continue collaboration with Btok moving forward!

-Steps Here: t.me/FEGchat/5323351

✅If you have provided liquidity on Uni or PCS for FEGtoken, that liquidity will still be traded against you unless you remove it.

🚨Migration has NOT begun; it will be Q1 2023


🚨DO NOT fall for fake token Migrations apps, TG groups, or websites!

-Look for the BLUE Verification checkmark on @FEGchat!

Thank you for your undying love & support!

-FEG Team