FEG project update — 06/11/22

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
3 min readNov 6, 2022

🚨Migration has NOT begun, it will be by the end of this year (Q4 2022)

🚨DO NOT fall for fake token Migrations apps, TG groups, or websites!
-Look for Verification Icon

🎉✳️Important Notes!✳️🎉

✅🔥The FEG team was able to recover 90% of the FEGeth liquidity through blockchain investigation & communication with the Exploiter
-Here is the chain of events: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10kgAJFJXsY0GULV_JdxtpGh5UvmnA1Gs0TYdasL-62s/edit?usp=sharing

✅Regular trading of FEGtoken on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Gate.io, & a number of other CEX’s is live and will be until migration!

✅We will be Migrating & Merging FEG & ROX into a new Hybrid token!

✅Post-Migration: The commonality of the entire ecosystem is that it will revolve around the New Token (Merged FEG + R0X) & provide a number of passive income streams earned by staking it!

✅If you have provided liquidity on Uni or PCS for FEGtoken, that liquidity will still be traded against unless you remove it.

✅🔥Total Circulating Supply will be 100b for each chain: FEGeth & FEGbsc

✅🔥FEG is working on a vesting strategy for ROX tokens over a TBD period of time, integrating them into the Liquidity as we are able to generate the liquidity to sustain merging the two projects.

🎉❇️LOGO/Design Updates!❇️🎉

✅🔥FEG has begun to roll out the Re-Branding as you have seen it has impacted the project in a very positive way and will continue to do so! Please be patient as the new Logo may not integrated on some platforms, yet applications are already submitted.

✅🔥This week we ran a 4k USD Marketing Campaign pushing the Re-Brand in the Chinese Cryptocurrency Media

✅🔥The 4T airdrop with Btok has completed

✅🔥FEG remains on the DID upvoting system so we encourage EVERYONE TO VOTE every 2 hours. We will continue collaboration with Btok moving forward!

🎉❇️Development Updates!❇️🎉

✅🔥FEGtrack Re-Branding is almost complete and will be submitted to both the Android & Apple App stores!

✅🔥The SmartDeFi Contract is developed, testing is underway!
-We are now in Q4 & the SD contract testing is the highest priority, followed by 3rd party audit to stay within the Q4 launch time-frame!

✅🔥@FEGBalGu has completed the Presale Contract for all SD projects & the UI DEV’s are working hard to integrate all of the functions that come with it!

✅🔥@FEGrox has completed the external Staking Contract for all SD projects and testing is underway!

✅🔥Peer-2-Peer Limit-Order trading using “FTW” for Cryptocurrencies is built
-@FEGrox & @FEGBalGu are currently making updates on the Contract side and Romy is building and attaching the UI that Plutos developed.
-NFT integration is pending.

✅🔥Custom Aggregator is built, all routing, Spot-Prices & Gas Estimate issues have been resolved and a new round of testing begins today (Nov. 6th)

✅🔥Tracking Token Swap for Stakers is Completed and is live at converter.FEGex.com

🎉❇️Audit Updates!❇️🎉

✅🔥Multiple lines of communication have been made with auditing services. We have received NDA’s from several auditing firms and had our lawyer review them so FEG’s intellectual property is protected. Agreements on the NDA’s will be made shortly and we can send the SmartDeFi contract for quote evaluation and ultimately audit.

Thank you for your undying love & support!

- Use #FEGtoken in tweets!

- Vote on CMC & CG!

- Search & Favorite FEG on DEXtools!

-Your FEG Team