FEG Project Update — 29/08/22

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
2 min readAug 30, 2022

🚨Migration has NOT begun (as per roadmap: docs.fegtoken.com/roadmap it will be in Q4 of 2022), DO NOT fall for fake token Migrations apps, TG groups, or websites!

🎉✳️Important Notes✳️🎉

✅Regular trading of FEGtoken on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Gate.io, & a number of other CEX’s is still live and will be until the time of Migration.

✅We will be Migrating & Merging FEG & ROX into a new Hybrid token!!

✅If you have provided liquidity on Uni or PCS for FEGtoken, that liquidity will still be traded against unless you remove it.

🎉❇️Development Updates!❇️🎉

✅🔥Custom Aggregator is built, UI changes are underway and further testing will begin!

✅🔥Tracking Token Swap for Stakers is being tested and we will meet the Q3 release for this as per the RoadMap!

✅🔥Peer-2-Peer trading using FTW for Cryptocurrencies is built and will begin further testing!

✅🔥The SmartDeFi contract internal security testing has begun as the contract is developed!

✅🔥The front end DEV’s have done an amazing job connecting the Smart Contract for SmartDeFi to the UI and testing will begin!

🎉❇️LOGO/Design Updates!❇️🎉

✅🔥As mentioned in the Town Hall Event: We have spoken to the top 50 CEX’s as per CMC & CG, here are the findings:

-94% of the exchanges had issue with being reflective (RFI: receiving tokens passively to wallets).

-2% had an issue with the FEGtoken Name & Reputation

When we as a community previously voted for the name & logo change we were under the impression it was necessary for CEX listings; however, this is not the case after these discussions.

✅🎉The team would like feedback from the community about the possibility of retaining the name “FEED EVERY GORILLA” & providing multiple logo options to create a sense of professionalism with our image.

-Note: We will bring design options forward once the design team has finalized design exercises and options.

🎉❇️🔥Take a listen to the latest Town Hall Event!!!


🎉Review the FEG Gitbook for the Latest Information & the PICTURES of the New Platforms 🎉


✅🔥Take a look at the following Gitbook sections to read about and see the User Interfaces for the platforms Already Developed & being Internally Tested!





✅🔥Discussions with auditing services has begun, 3rd party audits will be performed for all deployed contracts prior to their public release (excluding potential beta releases).

As Always, we thank you for your undying love & support!

-Your FEG Team