FEG Migration Update — 11 March 2023

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
1 min readMar 11, 2023

Migration is not yet live.

🦍 We have made tremendous progress with the on-chain data analysis for both FEGeth & FEGbsc!

🦍 We will send airdrops to users throughout the week in batches, starting with FEGeth as we finalize reviewing FEGbsc data (5x the transactions, so it takes a bit more time).

We will make daily progress announcements!

🦍 The migration tool has been fully audited and tested since the completion of the audit by PeckShield!

- Note: Info. on who will use the Migration tool & who will receive the airdrop is here.

(https://docs.fegtoken.com/migration-info.-and-tutorials/who-will-migrate-vs.-airdrop) Thank you again for your patience; it means very much to us!

- The FEG Team


🚨 The FEG Migration is yet to be online! No FEG Team member will request money or ask you for wallet recovery phrases. Stay vigilant, and do not fall for scams on all social channels.