FEG Marketing Update

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
3 min readSep 9, 2021


Your FEG Marketing team wants to provide you with an update on what is happening and an insight to our marketing plan, which, admittedly, we are still formulating and working to finalize.

Here Are Some Updates That We Can Share With You:

🦍 Press Releases and Ads — In the past two weeks, we have had two articles published on the well-known crypto news destination, AMBCrypto! Check them out!

🦍 https://ambcrypto.com/making-defi-mainstream-an-interview-with-fegex-marketing-manager-chris/

🦍 https://ambcrypto.com/re-designing-defis-structure-with-feg-token/

Our plan is to budget sufficient funds for promoting FEG on large crypto news sites and pay for real world advertisements and ad banners on high traffic websites.

🦍 The #BringingDeFiTogether and #ListOnFEGex movement on Twitter was a success — thanks to the FEG community! We gained nearly 30,000 followers in a month with at least a 230% gain in Mentions on Twitter. Let’s keep pushing our new tagline of Bringing DeFi Together using #BringingDeFiTogether on all social media platforms.

🦍 FEGcharts - We are DAYS — not weeks — away from the FEGcharts release. From the images we have seen, it looks sweet! We cannot wait for this to come out. Integrated TradingView window… what?! 🤯

🦍 Tokens Listed & Visibility — Currently sitting at 70+ listed tokens and growing, the new visuals produced by the developers and recently shared by RTRcrypto will be the perfect complement to these additional listings on FEGex. Being able to view tokens easily and choose to view by “Featured” or “All” will be a great addition. We are working with the designers and developers to fulfill the goal of improving the FEGex user experience.

🦍 Fiat On-Ramp — This is actively being discussed. We are closing a deal with a servicer this week. More to come! This capability will allow for a better buying experience on FEGex; this will be especially true for new crypto investors interested in participating in the FEG ecosystem.

🦍 SmartDeFi Deployer — With the roll out of ROX Token going well, we will be releasing and marketing the SmartDeFi Deployer very soon. We already have tokens lining up to get involved in SmartDeFi. Imagine all the burn when we have ~100 SmartDeFi tokens on FEGex!

🦍 New User Interfaces (UI) — A new look-and-feel is coming to many of our applications within the FEG ecosystem, including FEGex and FEGtrack. Our design team has been working diligently to revamp our branding guidelines to ensure that we remain consistent with our brand characteristics, such as colors, fonts, and all that fun stuff. The guidelines will help build upon the brand identity that we have established in the crypto and DeFi spaces.

🦍 FEGex Bridge — Half the bridge has been built, and the development is ongoing. The developers are striving to create a bridge that offers reduced fees when migrating between the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and a bridge that promotes efficiency. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Bridge. We will be including this feature in our upcoming marketing campaigns.

The burn has started to accelerate! SmartDeFi has been proven and the ecosystem is starting to wake up. We just need volume, which is surely climbing.

Let’s bring DeFi Together! Stay FEG strong!



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