FEG Ecosystem Update

FEG Has Recently Delivered…

  • FEGstake — Stake FEG on FEGex.com to earn FEG, fBNB/fETH, fUSDT, and fBTC. Rewards automatically compound while they remain unclaimed.
  • FEGdeployer — Deploy any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token to FEGex and get paid for it!
  • Several key updates to FEGex including WalletConnect support, enhanced swap features, and the ability to earn rewards while contributing to Liquidity Pools.
  • ROX Token — The first SmartDeFi token. 100% of a SmartDeFi token’s liquidity is automatically locked forever, and they have an asset-backed baseline value that grows with every buy and sell.
  • FEG Whitepaper — A complete overview of our token, exchange, fWraps, SmartDeFi, and other revolutionary DeFi technology. 📄 Check it out and SHARE it: https://fegtoken.com/FEG_Whitepaper.pdf
  • An upgraded FEGdeployer with advanced tokenomics support and additional FEG + ROX burn mechanisms. All new pairs created with FEGdeployer are known as FEGexPRO pairs and include groundbreaking features, such as GASrebates! 🦍
  • FEGdeployer now has pre-sale (launchpad) functionality! All of the features you would expect from a pre-sale tool, but with the added security you would expect from our project.

Coming Up Soon For The FEG Ecosystem…

  • Further updates to FEGdeployer that enable deployment against more base pairs and the creation of SmartDeFi tokens!
  • Fiat-to-FEG! We have officially partnered with Guardarian.com to enable you to buy FEG Token quickly and easily with a credit/debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, right from within FEGex! Please see our recent communication about this for more details. #FEGexYourFiat
  • FEGcharts (Beta) — TradingView charts for FEG, ROX and other FEGex pairs!
  • New FEGex user interface (UI) with FEGcharts integration plus light and dark themes
  • SmartLend — The first lending protocol where the funds and data for ratio calculations are hosted inside the same place, making it the most secure lending protocol ever created! Welcome to decentralized banking in DeFi!
  • FEGtrack v2 with features carried over from FEGstats!
  • FEGshop v2 (merch shop) with new product lines and whole new UI
  • FEGcentral will introduce the first-ever FEGblog, a community-driven blogging platform for FEG, and FEG101, the all-new FEG and DeFi educational platform!
  • FEGex Bridge — Swap your tokens between the different chains supported by FEGex
  • A redesigned official website (fegtoken.com)!
  • Innovative technologies that make DeFi safer, accessible, and more rewarding for everyone. Our developers have already revealed a sneak peek. Watch this page for more information.
  • We are working on more than what is listed here. This is just what is coming soon.



- Team FEG



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FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)

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