Everything FEG Did In 2021

FEG token is a DeFi project with an ever growing and innovative ecosystem that continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. With nearly 1 million holders we are driven to ensure that anyone entering the crypto space feels secure, rewarded and finds the technology easy to use.

FEG token is the governance token of the FEG ecosystem that launched on January 31, 2021 on Ethereum and February 12, 2021 on Binance Smart Chain. FEG token is both deflationary and RFI with a starting supply of 100 Quadrillion. 50% of the supply on both chains was burned at the launch of FEG that continuously accumulates more FEG with every transaction. FEG currently has 10 burn mechanisms and plans to add more to help accelerate the burn.

FEG Burn Mechanisms

  1. 0.5% of all SmartDeFi sells
  2. 0.1% of FEGex buys
  3. 0.1% of FEGex sells
  4. 0.5% FEG p2p transfers
  5. 0.5% of Presales on FEG Deployer
  6. 0.5% of Presales on SmartDeFi Deployer
  7. SmartSponsorships on FEGcharts & FEGex
  8. (8,9,10) A percentage of all buys/sells/transfers of FEG

To Date FEG Has Already Released:

  1. FEGex
  2. fWrap
  3. Staking
  4. SmartSwap
  5. Peer To Peer (P2P) — send funds discretely
  6. Auto-Listing Deployer (AD)
  7. SmartDeFi (SD)
  8. Smart Rising Price Floor
  9. ROX Token — the “model home” of SmartDeFi
  10. FEGpresales
  11. Maker Reward and GASrebate Programs
  12. FEGcharts
  13. FEGtrack
  14. FEGstats
  15. FEGfaucet
  16. PASA Charity Partnership
  17. ATEITIS Cyber Security Partnership
  18. Chiwawa Metaverse and SmartNFT Partnership
  19. FEGcentral
  20. FEGradio
  21. FEGscholars — Financial Literacy Program

FEG Ecosystem Links

1- FEG: fegtoken.com

2- ROX: fegrox.com

3- FEGex: fegex.com

4- Deploy: fegdeployer.com

5- Pre: presale.fegex.com

6- Stats: fegstats.com

7- Chart: charts.fegex.com

8- Track: track.fegex.com

9- Faucet: fegfaucet.com

10- Radio: fegradio.com

11- Stable Coin: usct.com

12- Blockchain: mastercrypto.com

13- FEGcentral: fegcentral.com

14- Whitepaper: https://fegtoken.com/FEG_Whitepaper.pdf

To learn more about everything that FEG has released so far, read the FEG Whitepaper found above.

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