FegEx is coming soon. Do you have FEG yet?

One rule of crypto is investing into something that has a product. There is a bunch of deflationary coins that claim that the rewards are the product like HOGE, SAFEMOON, and even FEG. But FEG has a trick up it’s sleeve, FegEx and its coming soon!

Quick Information To Get You Up To Speed (DYOR)

  • FEG stands for “Feed Every Gorilla”
  • Partnered with the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
  • 100Q total supplies
  • Price is ridiculously low atm. 1 FEG = $0.000000000429 …

FegEx is not a UNIswap clone, it will be a very advanced multi chain swap protocol! It is custom built code to fix all of the issues UNI has with custom metric defi tokens while at the same time making improvements on all the existing features of uniswap. If you are sick of all the error messages when using UNI you will love FegEx.

FegEx will include the follow features:

-Ability to stake any token listed and earn ETH directly!

-AUTOslip technology: meaning you will no longer have to fumble around with learning how to set slippage.

-Frontrunning bot protection.

So I see a lot of people having issues trying to purchase Feg wether it is the Eth or bnb pair. Here are some basic instructions on how to purchase feg on both uniswap and pancake swap.

Step 1

First you must download the app metamask to your computer or phone. Once installed, set up your wallet as you would any other wallet and continue to the next step.

Step 2


Before buying anything, your going to want to add the custom token FEG to your wallet. Go into your metamask wallet and select add token. Then copy and paste…

MultiChain Assets And FegEx

Let’s go into more detail on what multichain assets are and how they operate, more specifically how they are planned to operate in terms of benefiting our system.

The greatest benefit of multichain assets is the ability to maximize the potential size and scope of a project, this happens on many levels.

First you have to understand that each blockchain in crypto is technically its own solar system, they are still young and currently do not have interoperability. They require traders and markets to level out the values of multi assets even on the same chain…

FEG was launched fair to Feed Every Gorilla

FEG is a deflationary token with a max circulating supply of 100 Quadrillion. On each transaction, a tax of 1% will be distributed to the holders and a further 1% will be burnt, hence incentivizing holders to hold and decreasing the supply overtime. As the supply decreases, the scarcity of the token increases. FEG is fully decentralized, there is no one main owner of the token. All decisions are made in the communities favor. FEG is planning to advance further into the crypto space by releasing innovative products which will ensure the…

FEG Releasing It’s First NFT

Hello #FegFam ! We would like to announce our first “single edition” FEG #NFT! Bidding will start at 1 ETH and will go for 28 days. All proceeds will go to developing the $FEG ecosystem!

Check out the NFT for bid at:

Also a little information on NFTs themselves if you are unfamiliar with them:

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They are unique, digital, cryptographic tokens that are noninterchangeable and irreplicable. Their lack of interchangeability and zero-duplicate potential are some of there most beneficial aspects because that means they are ultra rare. Each and every…

FegEx Revolutionizing The World Of Crypto As We Know It

FegEx will be released by the end of the month and will revolutionize exchanges with all defi tokens. FEG token has been out less than a week, and already done 306x. FEG token also already has around 2000 holders! What makes this token great? The answer is the committed and passionate community and team of developers working non stop to deliver greatness.

FegEx is not a UNIswap clone! It is a custom built code to fix all of the issues UNI has with custom metric defi tokens. …

Where: t.me/infinitygainzz


owner of infinity gainzz @Renoboy81


Crypto94| Owner of Infinity Gainz, [06.02.21 21:08]

First, I would like to say Congratulations on the succesful stealth launch of your project and most importantly, on the strong community you have built around your project.

One of the hypest telegram groups I have ever seen

Crypto94| Owner of Infinity Gainz, [06.02.21 21:09]

As a start, can you give us a brief description of what exactly is your project?

FEGrox, [06.02.21 21:09]

[In reply to Crypto94| Owner of Infinity Gainz]

Man that means alot! We are working hard, the community is…


FEG was launched fair to Feed Every Gorilla. The first fork to combine the powers of SHIB & RFI, with a super deflationary black hole that holds over 54% of FEG

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