16 Reasons To List Your Token On The Multi-Chain DEX, FEGex

FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)
4 min readSep 26, 2021


  1. You get PAID to list by receiving a percentage of all sells of your token. This percentage will be directly added to the internal balance of the address that adds the pair containing your token to FEGex. You could use this extra money to fund marketing, development costs, and more for the betterment of your project.
  2. There is only a 0.1% fee to buy into your project. And in fact there is a Gas Rebate program available on FEGex where users can earn the gas fees back! Some traders are even earning more money from the Gas Rebate than the actual cost of the gas fee! This means investors have a chance to get paid upfront to buy into your project!
  3. We have a Fiat On Ramp coming to FEGex in the near future! This will drastically lower the barriers to entry for new investors to buy into your project!
  4. You have the option to set up a smart rising price floor (% per tx) on your token’s pairs. In simple terms this means a percentage of each sell on FEGex remains in the liquidity, which raises the price of your token automatically after every sell without any gas cost. To learn more about the smart rising price floor, read the FEG Whitepaper.
  5. Liquidity is automatically locked for a set period of time. With the use of FEGex, there is no longer a need to use third party sites to lock liquidity.
  6. If you opt to create your project using our trademarked SmartDeFi technology, your token will have a visual indicator on FEGex showing all investors that your token is safe and rug-proof. No audits are needed for SmartDeFi projects.
  7. FEGex has anti-dump protection built in to limit how much of your token a whale can dump in one trade. You can control the max buy and sell limits of your token.
  8. Auto slippage is a default setting on FEGex making it easier for people new to DeFi to buy your token. Experienced investors can switch to a manual slippage if they desire.
  9. World record low gas fees when trading your token within SmartSwap, and the ability to bypass any tokenomic taxes your token might have when swing trading. Learn more about the benefits of SmartSwap on pages 23–25 in the FEG Whitepaper.
  10. Ability to send your token discretely via Peer to Peer transfers within SmartSwap.
  11. By adding your token to FEGex, you’ll be helping to boost FEG staking rewards. You and your token’s community obviously have the option of buying and staking FEG to take advantage of this stream of passive income.
  12. You will be listing your token on what will inevitably become the number one decentralized exchange. You will be a part of a growing movement to make DeFi safe and rewarding for all. In the name of making DeFi safe, feel free to try and hack our first ever 2FA on the blockchain wallet containing over $100,000 of FEG found at grafene.com. (Tip: We revealed the 12 word seed phrase to the wallet)
  13. Bridge between chains coming in the near future!
  14. Presale feature available for new projects! Presales are held at presale.fegex.com.
  15. You will be able to watch your token on FEGcharts! FEGcharts is the most prestigious and advanced charting system in DeFi providing a real time display of data on FEGex with record precision and maximum visual appeal. Check out this polished masterpiece here: FEGcharts. Also our new FEGex UI is currently in its beta and can be found at beta.fegex.com which incorporates charts and swaps into one application. Make sure to give our mesmerizing new UI a look!
  16. EVERY trade(buy and sell) of EVERY token on FEGex increases the price of EVERY token listed (this includes your token)! This is due to the base pair of all tokens listed always increasing after every trade due to the signature FEG tech: fwrapping! Learn more about fwrapping in the FEGwhitepaper.

FEG is truly defining how DeFi works bringing much needed trust to this space.

Those were just a few of the benefits of listing your project on FEGex. FEGex currently runs on the ETH and BSC blockchains. If you are interested in listing, go to fegtoken.com and follow the steps provided to list! The listing process itself will take place on fegdeployer.com. If you are having trouble listing, you can DM one of our team members on Telegram or DM the FEG Twitter! Make sure to follow us here for updates on further expansion!

More Information: SmartDeFi.com FEGtoken.com FEGex.com Beta.fegex.com Fegdeployer.com



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